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“Liberty lies in the hearts of men and women. When it dies there, no constitution, no law, no court can save it.” Judge Learned Hand



Id., pp. 25-26 (speech given on January 27, 1838,

to the Young Men’s Lyceum of Springfield, Illinois)



Irving Dilliard, ed.,

The Spirit of Liberty

, 3d ed., (Knopf, New York, 1960), p. 190.

Our First Amendment and Natural Rights are in danger of being lost, use this site to find, share, and access information to take back our nation from legislators that act as tyrants that infest Washington D.C. Who burden our nation with onerous taxes and wasteful spending - then we can complete the job of exposing them.


Our next meeting will be held on Tuesday September 8th and every subsequent second Tuesday of the month at the Pastime Grill, with eat-and-greet at 18:00 and the meeting starting promptly at 19:00. Topic for discussion will be Corruption Of Our Constitution.

The 14th Amendment Born in Despotism Steeped in Tyranny

The 14th Amendment was born in despotism and steeped in tyranny to suborn the Constitutional rights of this nation’s citizens both North and South with duly seated and recognized legislatures protesting this fact. The Joint Resolution of June 13, 1866 was issued by an unconstitutional Congress that did not have the mandate of this Union’s citizens when Congress refused to seat the Senators and Representatives from eleven Southern States and tainted the joint resolution from the outset. This was a Constitutional defect that could not be overcome by any Constitutional means; it was a nullity at that point as the States that been in rebellion had complied with the proclamations of Lincoln and Johnson and the resolutions of Congress for admittance back into the Union. Link to Article is here.

The Roots of America’s Political Madness

Let us just accept the fact that under Wilson this movement “baked-in” the cataclysm that we are seeing today by using the Constitution as the vehicle for our society’s current changes. Wilson either by design or by default was the president in office and recipient of the most Constitutional Amendments after the “Bill of Rights” was ratified in 1791, which codified our rights in relation to the government. Link to Article is here.

Our Founding Legacy

This meager document written with the blood of patriots shed in battle that saw this nation’s birth and their sacrifice to a common cause to see its true meaning. The Revolutionary War was a bloody eight-year conflict that saw all too many defeats in the first six years; the turning point came at battle of Cowpens, from then on, the hand of providence assured our victory.  The Constitution was written in a time where only the educated or landed gentry could read the words written upon its pages; however, it was not written for these people but the common man and citizens’ of the day, all of them…and all that were to come. Link to Article is here.

Unorthodox and Paradox: Revisiting the Ratification of the 14th Amendment

The most disturbing problem arising out of the Fourteenth Amendment

ratification story is the precedent for constitutional amendment it

may have set. For one to assume the constitutionality of the Amendment,

they must accept its method of proposal and ratification as constitutional. Therefore, one who accepts the constitutionality of the Fourteenth Amendment must also accept the premise that, at least in certain circumstances… Link to Article is here.

Wickard v. Filburn, Foundation for Oppression

The Supreme Court in 1942 ruled the economic interest of the individual could be subjugated by restricting their use of personal property by an Act of Congress. Wickard v. Filburn was decided on the basis that Roscoe Filburn had planted approximately 12 more acres of wheat than the Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1938 allowed.  He was levied a penalty of $.49 for every bushel over the limit, and fined $117.11 for 239 bushels of excess wheat he produced. This Act of Congress sought to inflate the cost of wheat from approximately $.40 a bushel to $1.16 by limiting production. This was just one of 15 legislative initiatives that Franklin D. Roosevelt sought to intervene in the Nations economy during the Great Depression. Link to Article is here.

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This mere document written with the blood of patriots shed in battle that saw this nation’s birth and their sacrifice to a common cause to see its true meaning.

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