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DNC Surrogate & Affiliate Black Lives Matter DNC Ally Color of Change DNC Ally Hillary Clintons Onward Together Indivisble DNC Front Group Trump Resistance Move On Dot Org DNC Surrogate and Proxy Antifa DNC Surrogate & Proxy By Any Means Necessary DNC Ally Southern Povery Law Center DNC Ally Obama'a Organizing For Action DNC Ally Center for Constitutional Rights Democracy Now DNC ALly Faithful America DNC Ally Media Matters DNC Propagandist Think Progress DNC Ally The Ruckus Society Democratic Socialists of America International Action Center DNC Ally Ford Foundation DNC Ally The Heinz Endowments

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DNC Ally National Lawyer Guild DNC Ally & Feminist Enforcement Arm NOW Alliance For Justice Democratic National Committee

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DNC Kingpin George Soros La Raza DNC Ally Council On AMerican Islamic Relation Highlights of RICO and TAKE DOWN the DNC

This non-profit corporation is dedicated to the goal of having the DNC investigated, prosecuted and obliterated for the numerous and varied crimes committed in the 2016 Election along with their allies. This site is a resource to identify groups & individuals that are working to subvert our nation, and society as allies, surrogates & proxies of the DNC who are mobilizing for anarchy, insurrection & sedition against our government. By groups, entities and organizations that push the aberrant DNC ideology, onto this nation and people corrupting every institution it touches… More

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