The more things change the more they stay the same at least that’s the conclusion when a Clinton is involved. Hillary is once again up to her ears in questionable actions, this time it is a new venture that is to continue the resistance to the Trump administration, we are not sure why but it seems to push the narrative that he usurped his office. Other than being a sore loser, it appears her new venture is just more of the same… More

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Discover Networks Clinton’s Onward Together

DNC Another Clinton Inc. Cash Scheme

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Hillary Funds Onward Together 800K

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DNC Ally Hillary Clinton’s Onward Together

DNC Ally Hillary Clinton's Onward Together DNC Hillary Creates Another Clinton Crime Inc. Hillary Allies With Color of Change Hillary Funds Onward Together with 800K Hillary's Lackluster Internet Scam Discover The Networks Hillary Clinton Hillary's New Dark Money Scam

Clinton Onward Together Funding Antifa

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