The Southern Poverty Law Center has been called a political tool of the left and that means the DNC. They have been careless in their characterizations to the point they have instigated violence by their dubious hate list. Several reputable philanthropic organizations have called them out on their practices and called them “little more than a cash collecting machine” though an integral part of the DNC cabal… More

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No Minorities at the Top After 42 Years

No Minorities Video SPLC

SPLC Hate List A Political Tool for DNC

12 Ways SPLC Is A Scam-Fear Mongering

ights A Trojan Horse

SPLC Complicit In Oklahoma Bombing

SPLC Transfers Millions To Offshore Accounts

DNC Ally Southern Poverty Law Center

Discover The Networks SPLC

SPLC Morally Bankrupt Wellspring of Hate

Discover the Networks SPLC DNC Ally Morally Bankrupt SPLC DNC Ally Millions to Offshore Accounts NO Minorities At Top 42 years SPLC Hate Map Political Tool for DNC 12 Ways Hate List Is Scam For Fear Mongers

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