Obama and his OFA are being used to fulfil his promise to transform this nation, not many knew what that actually entailed. We have endured one onslaught after another for the winds of change the DNC and their aberrant ideology promised. The citizens that voted for Obama did not realize the scope this transformation would bring to this nation and many now are cursing the day he ever darkened our doorway… More

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Discover the Networks Obama’s OFA

Canada Free Press Organizing For Anarchy

DNC & OFA Super Structure For Chaos

OFA Creates Blueprint For Anarchy

DNC & Obama Empowers Shadow Government

OFA Central To DNC Cabal For Change

Promise Kept Anarchy Given

DNC Ally & Obama’s Foot Soldiers Organizing For Action

Discover the Networks Obama's OFA Obama Organizing for Anarchy OFA Creates Traibubg Manuaol for Sedition OFA Central to DNC For Radical Change

Obama & DNC Plan For A Rolling Coup

Obama's OFA Plan for a Rolling Coup

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