The Center for Constitutional Rights are the types of DNC entities that have the ability to do great damage to our nation. This group has taken up the Social Justice mantle and in particular has been characterized as a Fifth Column Law Factory by siding with America’s enemies and works to undermine our national security interests at every turn. With friends like these who needs enemies, and are funded by the usual DNC… More

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Discover the Center For Constitutional Rights

DNC Ally Undermines American Law

DNC Fifth Column Law Factory

DNC Ally Shameless Use of Children

CCR Funded By The Usual DNC Cabal

DNC Ally Law Team For Terrorists-Anarchy

DNC Ally Spouts Propaganda For Terrorist

CCR Aids Enemies Of America

DNC Ally Center for Constitutional Rights

Dscover The Networks Center for Constitutional Rights CFCR Undermines American Law CFCR terrorust Fifth Column DNC Ally Fifth Column Law Factory CCR Propaganda Master for Terrorist CCR Aids Americas Enemies CCR Funded By Ususal DNC Cabal of Funders

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