George Soros the Hungarian billionaire that has financed so many groups and organizations and should be considered the Godfather and kingmaker for the aberrant ideology known as the DNC. We have not tried to make a cogent case against him, we will leave that to Congress and the DOJ. What we have shown is that he has his fingers in so many pies and they are all about chaos in our nation and around the world… More

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Discover The Networks George Soros

Filed On Trump EO On Immigration Ban

Race Forward Social Justice

John Podesta Center For American Progress

Soros Backed Social Justice Radio

Soros Does Palestinian Group

Soros Backed Latino Vote Group

Congress Looks Into Soros Entity Funding

DNC Kingpin George Soros Supported Groups

Discover the Networks Geroge Soros Worked Against Trump Immigration Ban Race Forward George Soros Funded John Podesta Center For American Progress Soros Bought Public Radio Soros Palistian Org Soros Buys Latino Voting Rghts Group Soros Investigation By Congress

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