Media Matters DNC Propagandist

We have shown that Media Matters is the go-to propaganda arm of the DNC, and many of the MSM media networks in the nation. David Brock has worked tirelessly to destroy conservative thought from being aired on the nations airwaves. We have have been a target of their false reportage on other forums when we proffered an opinion contrary to the DNC aberrant line on the second amendment, they are a force for… More

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Discover The Networks Media Matters

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Media Matters Propaganda For DNC & MSM

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DNC Consigliere David Brock

Discover the Networks Media Matters DNC Pitbull David Brock Activist Media Matters Funding Propagandist and Censor for DNC Media Matters Campaigns Against Sean Hannity Media Conspiring Wirh DNC & MSNBC

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