DNC Ally Color Of Change

Color of Change is just another of the subversive organizations that pay tribute and lend support to the DNC and the aberrant ideology that they pay homage to. This organization is all in for radical change to our nation and way of life, they are a 501-C3 tax exempt status while they subvert and undermine our constitutional republic with one radical agenda after another and do so with impunity and malice for the rule of law… More

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Discover Network-Color Of Change

Ties To Soros And Hillary Clinton

DNC Ally Van Jones & COC Hits Trump

James Rucker Of Color Of Change

Color Of Change Blacklist - Republicans

Color Of Change Van Jones

Color of Change Follow The Money-IRS Filings

DNC Ally Van Jones Smears True The Vote

Discover Networks Profile  Color Of Change COC Van Jones Smears True The Vote Trifecta, Van Jones, Hillary & Geroge Soros COC Goes After Trump in 2011 Color Of Change Blacklist-Republicans Activist Facts Follow The Money

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