Goals & Directives For Sons Of Liberty Project

We have all witnessed the blatant and rampant corruption of the DNC by their officers, leaders and members for the last eight years. We have had one lawless and self-serving interest after another pushed onto the American people and nation by fiat for one reason only to increase their power and add to their electorates by any means necessary. While at the same time national security was ignored and dismissed as an quaint and unneeded necessity by these arrogant and vapid creatures who had their hands on the organs of power in our nation for far too long.

We have suffered through the destruction to the rule of law where justice was corrupted to fanciful acts of treason to wantonly abandon our cherished concept of the rule of law. Then when anyone dared to raise a voice in protest the calumny, recriminations and in many cases prosecution was the result to silence critics and conservatives that dared disagree.

We are now at the point that the DNC along with their surrogates, proxies and the entire cabal that we have shown on our TAKEDOWNtheDNC.com have been in open sedition and insurrection. Against the citizens and government of this nation to the point that they have unleashed their fury on anyone that dare exercise their first amendment rights to free speech and peaceful assembly in the public square.

Our primary mission is to shine a spotlight on all these anti-American activities and to exercise our right to petition Congress of our grievances and to the Department of Justice to investigate and prosecute what is sedition, insurrection and other crimes by the DNC and their acolytes. Along with present and past officers of the DNC who have acted with impunity against law, comity and good order. We cannot fathom how these people can justify the misery they have wantonly poured onto the people of this nation with their illegal alien recruitment schemes which have cost the lives of literally thousands of Americans. Then all the other crimes of violence by these illegal invaders including women who have been sexually assaulted and battered, the increased drug cartel presence in our nations cities, property crimes and a host of others stand as stark evidence that the DNC and their leaders care nothing for our Constitution and our laws, or people.

They have worked tirelessly to undermine our nation, law and Constitution at every opportunity which forced us to create RICOtheDNC.com in an attempt to describe what in fact they believe in as an aberrant ideology. As we certainly understand that they do not believe in our founding principals, mores, values and laws.

Their actions condemn them as the retched and craven criminals they are.

We have created TAKEDOWNtheDNC.com to show the utter depravity of the DNC and their leaders, officers and members of their in your face and rank corruption and illegality chief among them the nationwide election fraud scheme they perpetrated in the 2016 election. Many have always believed our elections were rigged; 2016 was the year we had proof.

This story would not be complete unless we discussed and explored they myriad of groups, organizations and corporations that are arrayed against this nation and people. The DNC and their fellow travelers have been very busy in every avenue and institution in the nation who’s only purpose has been to further the progressive and aberrant ideology of the DNC. Which brought us to create HATEtheDNC.com, which shows the scope and magnitude of this all encompassing cabal that includes entities in the legal field, media, entertainment, education and a host of others. It is in no way complete but paints a vivid picture. Including violent groups that are well funded by some of the largest foundations that support this agenda.

Our goal is to force the DOJ to prosecute the DNC and their past and present leaders. As we grow we may initiate legal action(s) against individuals and the DNC itself, as time, funds and personnel permit. With your generous support and contributions we can continue the work we have started. We have many campaigns that will begin in the later half of this year as we get started taking the fight to these anti-American ideologues that are only using our system of government, economy and laws to take this nation to one party hegemony.

It is time this ends and show that these overt acts against this nation and people will not be tolerated by concerned citizens and our government.

Alan P. Halbert, CMBA

President Sons Of Liberty Project

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