The Ford Foundation is one of the largest philanthropic foundation in the world and if funding some dubious entities that wish to bring this nation as founded. We have to ask some pointed questions, for instance how does this funding of anarchy benefit the citizens of this nation. We believe it does not, but it certainly does benefit certain interests that wish to depose our free market system and bring forward fascism.… More

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 Shaping America’s Laws by Re-Making Law schools

DNC Ally The Ford Foundation

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Funds Entitlements, Racial & Legal Activists

The Reality Of LEO Shootings of Blacks

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Ford Foundation & Soros Funds Censor Internet

Discover the Networks The Ford Foundation DNC Ally Reshaping Our Law Activist Fact Outlays Ford Foundation Funds Government Entitlements, Racial & Legal Activists Funds Black Lives Matter 100 Million

Bill Whittle Black Lives Matter & DNC

Funds Black Lives Matter 100 Million

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