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Congress will not take down the DNC unless they have overwhelming support from their constituents. This is because every Senator and Congress Man and Woman believes in the first law of electoral office. Which is every thing they do is to gain reelection and the most dangerous act they can take is to vote. Because every vote has a constituent on each side of every issue. Tips for talking to your Congressman… More.

A Sample Email Petition to Congress & DOJ is below

Dear Sir/Madam:

It is time that the DNC be investigated as a criminal enterprise with the nationwide election fraud scheme they perpetrated in the last election as well as the other criminal actions of the Obama regime during the last eight years. They are now at the point of open sedition and insurrection with violence in our streets.

Our nation has a cherished history with the rule of law, which has taken quite a beating, no thanks to Congress which wholly failed to restore order during the Obama years. We are now at the point that the DNC and their surrogates think they can drive our president from office, stand and do your duty to restore order or the people may very well.

I urge you to use your office to pass a Joint Resolution in Congress that will condemn the DNC for their anti-American rhetoric and criminal activities and urge the DOJ to prosecute them to oblivion and incarcerate as many DNC leaders and Obama regime leaders as is possible. For their many crimes against this nation and people of Mexico and other Mideast nations for supplying weapons of war to drug cartels and terrorist organizations.

I have started the process along with others of making this a nationwide movement and will surely require many more hands and hearts than mine.

Stand and do your duty for our posterity and future.

In Liberty

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