La Raza is another subversive entity that has powerful allies in the DNC and our government that doing all they can to bring this nation to its knees by any means necessary. This group is not wanting to peacefully coexist, they aim to displace American citizens, and have been given funding by our government. We are incensed that we are in effect supporting groups that advocate insurrection against our nation… More

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Discover Networks La Raza

Demands “Reconquista” of Southwest

DNC Ally La Raza

Tax Dollars Support La Raza To Lobby Govt.

La Raza Protest Trump

La Raza DNC Ally Powerful Hate

Powerful Forces Assist La Raza in Senate

ias & Private E-Mail

La Raza Kill All White People

Ford Foundation Principal Source of Funds

Discover the Networks La Raza La Raza Demand Reconquest of Southwest Tax Dollars to La Raza to Lobby US Government Ford Foundation Principal Funder of La Raza La Raza Has Powerful Freinds in Senate

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