We are only on our third organization and we are beginning to see the rather incestuous nature of these DNC affiliates as they propagate and pollinate amongst themselves and come and go to create and join others groups regularly. This is not by accident and what we have come to understand is a means in which to increase their footprint in our society and force change from within and without. Take for instance Van Jones of Color of Change an avowed communists and radical that has been in and out of jail and ascended to the halls of power in the Obama White House as one of his illegal and unsanctioned Czars. Clearly we have an aberrant ideology that breeds all these groups and organizations for one purpose only political power, and destruction of our Republic.

All of these groups identify with the ideology of the DNC and in doing so act with one voice, it is not by accident that the mainstream media and left in all their flavors always seem to be on the same page, its because they are. We have not found any evidence of a coordinated clearinghouse for this coordination but we know that the media had a group called Journolist created by Ezra Klein in 2007 though was supposedly shut down in 2010 after public outcry. It consisted of at least 400 journalists and academics. But we still have the ability for the DNC and left to speak with one voice right now so we suspect another means is being facilitated to accomplish this. We will continue to investigate and uncover this type of operation.

This brings up the troubling question why does the DNC and left need to speak with one voice…?!?

David Horowitz gives a clue to this as he quotes a 1960’s radical that more or less says “it is never the issue it is the revolution.” This makes sense since we have had one nation and society destroying initiative after another brought about by the left and the Obama regime with the DNC approving of all of it, or advocating it. One central issue that permeates all of this is that most all of these changes have occurred by fiat. Which is quite disturbing that these radicals have been able to move the nation ever leftward without the citizens being able to have a say. That is fascism. We will say for the record and categorically that most of these actions are illegal, immoral and impertinent. They have been unchallenged in Congress where they have allowed most of all of these nation changing efforts to stand.

We know that the DNC has only played lip service to our way of life and system of government by not raising a voice in protest about these illegal acts and have become complicit in them. They simply must be made to wear this cloak of shame, their protests ring hollow when they protest the ending of an unconstitutional illegal act by the Obama regime and threaten to bring lawsuits over them. Of course we are talking about the DACA program that was forced on the nation all to swell the ranks of the DNC voters in the nation by importing them from Mexico and South America. They have no leg to stand on now as they have shown themselves to be rabid ideologues that are willing to break any and every law in this nation and collusion to conspire to overthrow our government is not out of the question.

The difference between the aberrant ideology of the DNC and conservatism is our value system which they have wholly rejected, hence this cabal of groups, individuals and organizations that are leveraged to overthrow our Republic, and it looks like any mean necessary. We must RICO the DNC and prosecute the wellspring and clearinghouse for this aberrant ideology and bring this to an end. They are using our system of government against this nation and people. While we cherish our first amendment and the right to express ideas in the public square so we can debate and discuss the merits or fallacies, that is not happening. We are being suppressed by radical and violent surrogates and proxies of the DNC when we attempt to express ourselves in public. Most recently in Berkeley and Charlottesville to name just two. This is not our cherished rule of law, but anarchy and we can lay the blame for all of it on the DNC and their extensive network of subversive organizations that are working to destroy our freedom and liberty, use this website and contact Washington and demand this end, now, today.

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