This is just one of the far left allies of the DNC which share similar desires and goals of their aberrant ideology that wish a totalitarian government and the destruction to our freedom and liberty. They are the end result of failed forms of government as the last century can attest to in the destruction to Nazism and the former USSR. Collectivism is the ultimate in governance by envy and greed since the individual subjugates their own desire for success to an all powerful state, we had shades of this with Obama who forced many changes on our nation and people by fiat. One in particular that is vexing us at the moment is his odious DAPA and DACA immigration reform by fiat, all to swell the ranks of DNC voters.

We are seeing nationwide demonstrations and some states are threatening litigation over a non-law against the Trump administration decision to rescind this illegal act by the Obama regime, and punt it back to Congress. Since they are given sole and exclusive authority and power in this matter in Article 1 Sec. 8:

To establish a uniform rule of naturalization,

The protests are brutal and immediate as the DNC and left has many groups that can respond on a moments notice and have. The hue and cry rings hollow as the act that created this kerfuffle was unnecessary, illegal, immoral and imprudent, but that is the path the DNC and their aberrant ideology put this nation on. Law and the rule of law mean nothing to them as the revolution is everything and the damage that it causes is just increased social friction to bring about their retched plans for this nation. The central question becomes either we are a nation of laws or we are not and the creation of law by fiat as promulgated by Obama and the DNC shows their willingness to subvert law for personal and political gain at the expense to our freedom and liberty.

We can expect more of these types of outbursts from the DNC and their network of comrades as they ratchet up the tension in our society as they work towards destroying the nation by unbridled immigration, and other means.

The Workers World Party also instigated a melee where a Confederate statue was pulled down in Durham North Carolina so they are certainly part and parcel of the DNC that is all in to change our nation by any means necessary. We believe this has been sanctioned to scrub their history of 194 years of murder, mayhem and violence as the party that saw Andrew Jackson the founder of their retched organization force the peaceful tribes off their land in Georgia and force them to march to Oklahoma in the Trail of Tears. These tribes brought suit and SCOTUS found in their favor; Andrew Jackson was quoted as saying the court has made their decision, now let them enforce it…

This has been the attitude of the DNC since its founding, law and the rule of law is for others to follow not the likes of this aberrant ideology since they are above the law as we saw during the last eight years. No one was held to account for all the rampant and in your face corruption from the Oval Office on down. Everything was swept under a very lumpy rug with no one ever prosecuted, save for conservatives that had dared to challenge the DNC and their leaders. Much the same as after Civil War II which saw the creation of the Ku Klux Klan which was the enforcement arm of the Democrat party. How many innocent men, women and children of all races were killed maimed and injured is unknown. This violence and mayhem didn’t stop until the 1960’s, we must do so again and RICO the DNC to oblivion. Back to the DNC Ally Workers World Party page.

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