Media Matters is a perfect example of the DNC as an aberrant ideology, where the only voice that is allowed to be heard in the public square and airwaves is theirs. All others are to be excised from the body politic as competing voices are to be marginalized, this is so foreign and abhorrent to most Americans as we still believe in our right to speak freely, free from interference from our government or others. We now have a rich and vibrant culture that is subject to be influenced by these retched purveyors of totalitarianism that would only allow their voices to be heard. Yet they appear to be winning as all to many Americans agree with this retrograde force for the destruction of our way of life and Constitutional Republic.

The concept we have tried to drive home on all these stories and videos we posted is essentially propaganda. The question is why do they have an overarching need to control our thoughts, speech and their limited concepts of freedom and liberty to the point that the only voice allowed is the DNC perspective. We have always condemned efforts such as this, what we have shown and reported is that it is pervasive throughout all aspects of the DNC cabal, social, legal, educational, et al.

The DNC has an ideology that cannot be closely examined as to many contradictions in logic and reason are seen, so an elaborate scheme is usually perpetrated to cover over these glaring and obvious contradictions that deny our freedom and liberty. We had written in our previous discussion that the DNC cabal is at such a point that they have rent-a-mobs available at a moments notice, and Media Matters is there to fill in the dialog when needed.

But, at what cost…?!?

Society, culture, freedom and liberty are fragile much more than anyone can agree upon. We have had the DNC run amok over our government and culture for far too long to the point that they are now a danger to our very freedom. Many will take this last statement as hyperbole. But if we ask a very pointed question the answer is obvious.

That question is: why does an aberrant ideology such as the DNC need a propaganda arm such as Media Matters to shape our opinions…?

Certainly we are capable of rational thinking as adults to discuss the issues among ourselves and come to consensus without the need for a propaganda machine, at least one would think so. So what is the real reason for Media Matters…? If we look at what is actually happening in our streets and cities with violent surrogates and proxies of the DNC out to bust anyone’s head that dares voice a contrary opinion gives many pause and concern for where we are headed as a nation and people. If we were to make an observation at this critical juncture it would be if the DNC and their ideology were anywhere near what they claim it is, in other words a caring more gracious more enlightened ideology.

Wouldn’t our society be that as well…?!?

But that is not what we have. We have a coarseness in our public debate where we are polarized between conservative and the DNC hard line of comply or be… So at the end of the day their verbiage certainly does not comport with their actions and all we can safely assume is that the DNC and their leftist cabal is as aberrant as any we have seen before in the guise of the Nazis and the KKK as hate personified. Actions speak louder than words.

We must prosecute the DNC and their past and present leaders for their many crimes against this nation and people with the RICO statutes and disband this so called criminal enterprise masquerading as a political party. Contact congress and the DOJ and demand they do so.

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